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Welcome to the Governors' section!

On 1st November 2014 the Governing Body was reconstituted following the successful Federation of New Leake Primary School with Stickney C of E Primary School.


Details of our Governing Body can be found below or downloaded as a pdf from the link at the bottom of this page.


Governing Board September 2023 - August 2024 Academic Year

GovernorCategory of GovernorTerm of Office Start Date  Term of Office End/ResignedCommittee MembershipAdditional Responsibilities 


Mrs L Arnold

Chair of Governors                   

Local Authority Governor


Finance, Vulnerable pupil, Training and development,

Safeguarding, SDP 1 Curriculum,

SDP 2 Attendance, SDP 4 Reading and comprehension, SDP 5 Protected characteristics



Mrs L Spring

Vice Chair of Governors   

Parent Governor11/02/202111/02/2025PayVulnerable pupil, SDP 3 Behaviour,SDP 5 Protected characteristics 

Rev F Jeffries


Ex Officio Foundation Governor01/11/2014 Pay (Chair), Head Teacher’s Performance Management Review (Chair)GDPR, SIAMS 


Mrs R Cotton

Ex Officio Staff Governor01/09/2022    
Mr J DawsonFoundation Governor representing the William Lovell Trust01/11/201831/11/2026Head Teacher’s Performance Management ReviewHealth and Safety 
Mr M ArditoStaff Governor28/04/202327/04/2027 EYFS,SDP 3 Behaviour, 
Mrs L SealParent Governor21/12/202320/12/2027   



Mrs W Aucote

Co-Opted Governor05/10/202205/10/2026Head Teacher’s Performance Management ReviewFinance,SDP 1 Curriculum, SDP 5 Protected characteristics 
Mrs E McInteeCo-Opted Governor11/01/202310/01/2027 Attendance,SDP 2 Attendance,SDP 4 Reading and comprehension, 
Ms E MaltbyCo-Opted Governor26/09/202325/09/2027 SDP 1 Curriculum,SDP 2 Attendance 
VacancyCo-Opted Governor     
VacancyCo-Opted Governor     
VacancyCo-Opted Governor     
VacancyCo-Opted Governor     
Mr S HurstCo-Opted Governor12/12/202313/05/2024   
Mrs C PalingCo-Opted Governor07/12/202319/04/2024   
Mrs T WrightParent Governor21/09/202201/12/2023PayOnline safety, Food in school 


 Committee Structure 

Pay Committee – responsible for Headteacher’s Performance Management and for ensuring that the staff performance management system is managed in line with the school policy, undertaking pay review as appropriate in line with school policy 
Policy Committee – responsible for reviewing and adopting those policies which have been delegated to the committee and ensuring that they are communicated to all relevant stakeholders. 
As part of Full Governing Board Finance & Resource Management – responsible for all aspects of financial management resources and staffing. 


Business and Pecuniary Interests September 2023 - August 2024 Academic Year

Governor Related to possible supplier of goods/servicesRelated to employee of the schoolGovernor/Trustee of another schoolTrustee of a Charity 
Mrs Arnold            NoneNoneNoneNone 
Mrs SpringCoaching and Consulting on wellbeing, safeguarding and SENNoneNoneWilliam Lovell Foundation 
Mr DawsonNoneNoneNoneWilliam Lovell Foundation 
Rev JeffriesNoneNoneGovernor at William Lovell AcademyStickney Charities, Stickford Charities 
Mr ArditoNoneNoneNoneNone 
Mrs CottonNoneNoneNoneStickney school fund, New Leake school fund 
Mrs AucoteNoneNoneNoneNone 
Mrs WrightNoneNoneNoneNone 
Mrs McInteeNoneNoneNoneNone 
Ms MaltbySchoolaspect LtdNoneNoneNone 
Mrs L SealNoneNone None 
Mrs C PalingNoneNoneNoneNone 
Mr S HurstNoneNoneNoneNone 


Attendance for September 2023 - August 2024 Academic Year

GovernorsFull Governors MeetingsCommittee/Panel Meetings
Mrs Arnold4/40/0
Mrs Spring3/44/4
Rev Jeffries1/46/6
Mr Dawson4/42/2
Mrs Cotton4/40/0
Mrs Aucote3/43/4
Mrs Wright0/32/2
Mrs McIntee4/40/0
Mr Ardito4/40/0
Ms Maltby1/10/0
Mrs L Seal0/00/0
Mrs C Paling0/00/0
Mr S Hurst0/00/0


 Attendance for September 2022 - August 2023 Academic Year

GovernorsFull Governors MeetingsCommittee Meetings
Mrs Arnold9/90/0
Mrs Spring9/91/1
Rev Jeffries8/93/3
Mr Dawson8/92/2
Mrs Cotton9/92/2
Mrs Crossland3/50/0
Mrs Aucote6/82/2
Mrs Wright6/81/1
Mr Ardito3/30/0

 Further Information 
Further information on any aspect of governance can be obtained from the Clerk to the Governors by emailing or by writing to the Clerk to the Governors, c/o Stickney Primary School, Main Road, Stickney, Boston, PE22 8AX