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New Leake Primary School

Typical school day

The school day 


8:40 - school gate opens

8:55 - children enter school - registration taken

9:00 - first session starts

10:15 - morning break

10:30 - second session starts

12:00 - lunch 

12:45 - afternoon registration and reading 

1:00 - third session starts

2:00 - fourth session starts 

3:00 - reading 

3:15 - end of the school day 


1 x day = 6 hours 20 minutes

1 x week = 31 hours 40 minutes 


'In March 2022, the Government introduced a non-statutory expectation of a 32.5 hour minimum core school week by September 2023. In July 2023 the deadline to meet this expectation was deferred to September 2-24 at the latest, in recognition of the pressures facing schools.'

DfE, Length of the school day, July 2023


We are currently deciding how this will impact our school and what we will need to do to meet the minimum requirement. We will share this with you as soon as we know more.