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New Leake Primary School

Religious Education



Curriculum Intent:

We aim to engage and challenge our pupils through enquiry based learning activities, authentic religious materials and a balance of theology, philosophy and human and social sciences. This will enable our children to be religiously literate and to be able to hold balanced and well informed conversations about religions and beliefs whilst reflecting on their own experiences and spiritual development.


RE Planning 2021-2022


Class 1

Autumn 1                Our beautiful world

Autumn 2                Special times for me and others

Spring 1                  God - Christianity Believing

Spring 2                  Community - Christian Believing

Summer 1 & 2         Our special places


Class 2 

Autumn 1                Being human - Islam

Autumn 2                Life journey - Islam

Spring 1 & 2            God - Hinduism Believing

Summer 1 & 2         Big Questions - what does it mean to have a good life?


Class 3

Autumn 1 & 2          Big Questions - do you have to believe in God to be good?

                              Believing, Living and Thinking including humanism/atheism

Spring 1 & 2            Life Journey - Hinduism & Islam

Summer 1 & 2         Life Journey - Christianity