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New Leake Primary School

Vision, Values and Aims

Our School Vision


Our inclusive school aims to fulfil the potential of all. We work together to open minds and broaden horizons from the foundation of our shared values. We pursue excellence through our inspiring and creative learning environment and we empower every member of our community to seek positive transformation in the world.


Our School Values


This is a deeply caring school community where values are rooted firmly in teaching, so that all its members have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


We have six core values;



Our mission statement is to

Learn, Enjoy and Achieve



Our School Aims


  1. To work in partnership with the home and the community, to be supportive and treat all members with mutual respect, courtesy and good manners
  2. To be a caring community that teaches and nurtures values and welcomes all children and families
  3. To develop a wide range of skills throughout all areas of the curriculum developing each individual’s sense of curiosity and their characters and talents to the full
  4. To provide a stimulating and attractive environment in which our children will be encouraged to develop positive attitudes to learning, independence and a sense of personal worth
  5. To make school a safe and happy place where everyone feels valued and celebrates the achievements of others
  6. To nurture and extend the school’s involvement with the local and wider community, valuing healthy lifestyles and the world in which we live to enable our pupils to prepare for their futures